The light fades on 2020

And, not a moment too soon, for many of us. All of us? A difficult year for humans, for the planet, and for the creatures of the natural world. Yet, in the midst of all this wrenching setback, I find myself grateful for so many things. Annie, most of all, and having dinner with her every night. Our sofa, where we gather as the day fades. A year’s respite from airplanes. Longest time for me to not be airborne in over 40 years. And many others things as well. Thankful for friends, family, Italian takeout, and a renewed and wonderful relationship with Sammy, our cat, who now climbs to the top of one of our chairs at pretty much precisely 5pm everyday and commands me to give her a rubdown and some ear scratching. Because, well, I’m home. And Sammy has another human to bend to her furry will.

And, thankful for the next day’s breath.

And, photography. Even though I didn’t really do much of it this year. Thankful for the community of photographers, and camera makers, and camera clubs and stores and the many ways we hung together this year. Memories of this year will be long, and will not fade anytime soon, as we lurch ahead in the calendar, as we must. The ruckus of this world of ours arrives on the doorstep of 2021, like a bunch of uninvited, unkempt, drunkenly obnoxious revelers who aren’t really getting along very well and annoyingly banging on the door to be let in. Given our state, 2021 might be better served to just keep the door locked. There will be welcome vaccines for COVID in the new year. Sadly, not ones inoculating us against mean-spirited behavior.

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