Charge! 2021 begins

First morning of the first Monday of the first work week of 2021. Woke up at 4:20am to the sounds of a snow plow screeching and struggling for footing on our hilly road. Which might mean my workout today could be with a cranky snowblower and a couple of bags of sand. All good. Home and safe, and facing off with a new year.

Starting off the blog this year with a production we made for the Nikon D850, with some elite obstacle course competitors. 2020 felt a bit like running through the mud, seeking traction, on a day to day basis, didn’t it? These athletes do that superbly, and their ample power and spirit feels like a good picture to start ’21 with.

The job did present us with the chance to shoot one of our most fun BTS videos. with excellent cinematographer Andrew Tomasino helming the camera. Click below for the video and others that live on our YouTube Channel.

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